Goooood Morning, South Pacific! (Dec 15)

The street was lined on both sides by tall old trees and dotted by cars parked randomly in front of houses on either side of the road. Remnants of cobblestones from an early time could be seen as patchwork beneath the asphalt. Green rich grassy yards with fences gave way to brick and wood VictorianContinue reading “Goooood Morning, South Pacific! (Dec 15)”

The Art of Flying…is lost on my Koreans (Dec 12)

At least, fishermen. I think they think that this thing works like a boat. And probably think anyone could hop in and do it. I’m not expecting accolades or a celebration every-time we come back and land, I would however appreciate just a little bit of understanding on their part. I’ve flown almost 5 hoursContinue reading “The Art of Flying…is lost on my Koreans (Dec 12)”