Now Begin the Cabo Vacation (and WEDDING) Posts!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, so here it is! That’s right, you guessed it, our blog posts about Mexico! While we were in Mexico we did A LOT and now that we have the time we’re actually able to put pen to paper and write a bit about our time down there. Coming up soon (ok, next post) will be a “Tips and Tricks” for going to Cabo post, and in that I will also cover the MUST DO activities that we did while we were there. I plan on a few posts after that to focus on the @wandertogether208 instagram side of our time in Mexico – so keep tuned, because I’m just getting started! LET’S GO TO MEXICO!

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Some, most, ok probably ALL of the changes I’ve been making to this blog so far are fairly subtle. The header, title, catch line tag line thing, all updated. If you navigate to the “About” page you’ll find the new write up is no longer about ME (*gasp*) and now is about Abbi and I. The posts on the blog are going to get more and more “travel-y” as Abbi and I branch out into more trips, and we are working on writing up our current, and evolving, social media strategy for growing our reach and influence on our Travel Couple Instagram account @wandertogether208

We can’t wait to share more about our recent trip, AND WEDDING, in Mexico. We have photos we’ve taken, and that were taken by our dear friend Conner Allen that we are eager to share with you. We are working up to a relationship series on the podcast, and of course growing our Travel Couple Instagram Account! Buckle up, a new adventure is beginning!

Instagram 101: Followers, Unfollowers, and how to manage them.

So here we are, who would have guessed years ago that this blog would eventually be used to dish out social media strategy? I suppose it isn’t a stretch, I wrote about taxes as an expat when I was living in Kuwait, so why not social media management and marketing on one of the largest social networks out there, Instagram? Today’s blog post is the first in a series of topics I’m developing related to the platform and it’s all about the one thing you probably care about – FOLLOWERS.

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Top 5…ish Travel Tips

I was going through my usual morning routine today which includes checking my curated news feed of articles relating to everything from travel to drones, to the upcoming Pixel 4 cell phone when one article in particular caught my eye. The headline was something like “10 flight attendants give you 10 travel tips” or something like that, regardless – the article was rubbish. The tips were recycled from any number of other “travel” blogs and honestly would set anyone reading up for failure. Ok, perhaps that’s too harsh – it would certainly not set them up for success. Better?

So, I decided that I would make my own travel tip blog post here and try and shed some light on my tips and tricks for travel. Spoiler: if you’re an avid traveller like I am than you’ve probably already figured a lot of these out.

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Phantoms in Alaska

When I’m not flying helicopters, or travelling the world, or kicking back at home with my family I’m running my own drone consulting company, Global Mining Unmanned. The work with drones takes me all over the world, and this past week was all about the drone business and a pair of Phantom 4 RTK’s in the far interior of Alaska.

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Sipping in Chile (Pics + Video)

If there is one thing I learned in Chile, it is that not only am I a wine person, I’m a CHILEAN wine person!

—Nick Henderson

After what felt like a non-stop, fast paced, blitz through Peru (because it was one) Abbi and I hopped onto a Latam flight and continued further South in South America to the country of Chile. Our plan was considerably different than what ultimately wound up happening, however, at the end of the trip we left Chile in love with Santiago and even more in love with their wine.

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Peru…Finally! (Videos + Pictures)

Well here we are again – months between posts because I’m probably the worst blogger on the internet. My South America trip to Peru and onward to Chile happened last year, in September and October, and I’m only just now writing about it. Now, in my own defense, I did produce a series of videos on youtube that chronicled the trip extensively and that took up a TON of my time. Of course there were other factors too – for instance not only did this trip spill over into October but I also took a new position with a new company in October and immediately upon returning to the United States I had to fly to Colorado to begin my onboarding training with them. In December I took a really big step and bought a house in North Idaho, and began a modest renovation effort on the interior. The home looks AMAZING now, but understandably between the new job, the new house and……..the new family 😀I was pretty tapped out for time!

What? Oh…that? Yeah, “new family”. You read it right.

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Delta Terminal E Sky Club (Pics)

When I have a long layover somewhere, especially when I’m going international, I have no problem paying a day fee to access a club. Free food and drink alone cover the cost – it’s the amenities beyond those that make it worthwhile. Such as quite, comfortable seats, more outlets than people, dedicated work spaces, and here in terminal E, showers and a spa. Check it out.

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Drones Seized in Guyana

When I kickstarted this blog back to life a few months ago I promised regular content updates, a podcast and vlog. Those last two are coming – I promise. As part of that first one I am going to also be writing about my drone work with the company I own, Aerial Resources Group, LLC. This week and next week I’ll be down in Guyana working with local resource developers to train two dozen Guyanese drone pilots to operate a fleet of DJI drones in use at a local mine. Things did not get off to a good start…

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The Roaming [Drone] Pilot

In 2016 when I returned to the USA from flying HEMS in Kuwait I found myself in the middle of a hiring downturn in the helicopter industry. Fueled in part by necessity (gotta pay them bills, yo) and part practicality I founded my own drone company called Aerial Resources Group, LLC. The goal being to serve as a consultant for companies looking to integrate sUAS into existing operations. Well here we are nearly 2 years later and I’m writing this post from a remote mining camp in Guyana.

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